SD Data and GDPR Manager (General Data Protection Regulation)

For Microsoft Dynamics NAV | Dynamics 365 this add-on allows a user enforce Data validation rules on any field in any table in NAV with no need for code. This addon does not impact any of your existing NAV objects and allows you support your need to meet the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  Select any table and any field from your Dynamics NAV installation to add to your  General Data Protection Regulation monitored list.  Once the setup is complete you can search, report, export, correct, Erase, Restrict or Encrypt this data all within Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013R2 or later, and Dynamics 365 Business Central from one simple, easy to use embedded Activity Panel in existing Dynamics ERP users Role Centres.

Manage Dynamics ERP Data Quality

  • Ensure Fields are populated.
  • Set defined data tests for fields.
  • Make fields and values conditional upon values in other fields.
  • Allow user by-pass based on user security rules.
  • All with no need to code in Dynamics NAV.

Manage Dynamics ERP GDPR Requests

  • Select any table and any field to add to your GDPR monitored list
  • Set related tables as part of this monitored list
  • Log and respond to information requests
  • Log and respond on portability requests
  • Log and Action rectification requests
  • Log and Action erasure requests
  • Log and Action restriction requests
  • Log and Action encryption requests

Some Useful Links

Microsoft Trust Centre for GDPR:  Microsoft Trust Centre

ICO’s 12 steps to prepare for GDPR:  ICO’s 12 Steps


Why use SD Data and GDPR Manager?

Ensure consistent and complete data in any NAV Table and Field without the need for code changes.

Log and action any GDPR requests for Any data in Dynamics NAV

Erase, Encrypt or Restrict access to any field(s) in NAV to support your EU GDPR requirements.

Rapid deployment with no impact on existing setup

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Learn more about SD Data and GDPR Manager

Overview Video GDPR Manager

Overview Video Data Manager

Version Release History PDF

Product Factsheet PDF

What do you get with SD Data and GDPR Manager?


Up-to-date Microsoft Dynamics NAV license


Add-on Object file (FOB)


Installation, set up and full use user guide


Online video tutorial and help files


Unlimited users based on your Dynamics NAV license


First year software assurance including all updates


Rapid start default setup and configuration file


Remote installation and setup via TeamViewer


Remote training via TeamViewer


Remote managed hours user support

What do you need?


Dynamics NAV 2013R2 or later (Dynamics 365 coming soon)


Microsoft Active software assurance (to add new features to your license)


W1. Available in English as standard (machine translation available on request)


Works with Start and Extended Packs and also Perpetual and SaaS licenses


Either customer source ordering PIN or current Dynamics partner details needed to process order



€2,295 Once off
Includes first year software assurance


€79 Per month
Includes software assurance


Coming soon


16% per annum
after first year for perpetual licenses


€150 per hour
Remote installation and training

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